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It's A Disaster Manual
Bill and Janet Liebsch are the founders of FedHealth, a publishing and marketing company formed in 1999 to help the public focus on preparedness and health-related issues. They are also the authors and publishers of "IT'S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it?" and dedicated to developing programs that primarily benefit First Responders, schools and volunteers.

The daily reports of disasters keep reinforcing that people need to take personal responsibility for their own and their families' safety. This 266-page book helps families and businesses prepare for and respond to most types of disasters, emergencies and first aid needs. With over a million copies in print (see partial client list) and millions in cash and match donations to First Responders, volunteers and nonprofit organizations, Bill and Janet continue to explore new and innovative ways to help our country "be aware, be prepared, and have a plan". FedHealth is a sole source, small business listed on GSA's SAM database, the Ariba Supplier Network and many State and local procurement systems.

Benefits for IEPN Partners, Sponsors and Advertisers
The IEPN partners, sponsors and advertisers are guaranteed the opportunity to place their logos, coupons, and special messages strategically on the outside cover or anywhere in the first 12 to 60 pages of the book. The standard or customized IEPN books or ebooks will be sent out to the IEPN subscriber's home address or personnel email address.

IEPN's kiosks engage the public interactively whereas, the emergency preparedness manual (or ebook) will provide recipients with a hands-on step by step set of instructions on what they should be thinking about and doing before, during and after various types of emergencies and disasters. In addition these must have emergency preparedness manual's illustrate practical information on how to administer basic first aid. The local and national couponing concept incentivizes readers to reach out and locate the IEPN sponsorship members and cash in on tremendous savings and discounts, so it actually pays them to get involved and be prepared. Sponsorship members that continue to offer up-to-date "value-added-services" and savings on the day-to-day items provide a major plus for recipients to keep their "Disaster Manual" handy.

Benefits for Communities
Customized IEPN books and or ebooks are a tremendous part of the stimulus program and overall initiative to help raise disaster awareness and emergency preparedness in this country. The IEPN has worked with its partnerships to make learning disaster mitigation fun epitomized through its creation of couponing incentives in order to stimulate families, businesses and the public private partnerships to pull together and build a better safer community.

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