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Global Innovations Programs
  • Interactive Emergency Preparedness Network

    The IEPN is an interactive kiosk system that is an effective delivery system for information, and educational content management for raising public awareness regarding emergency preparedness.
  • Visual Communication Network

    When disaster strikes the luxuries of instant communication will not be as readily available. The VCN helps first responders be more efficient and effective when normal communication is not available.
  • Cargo Bike Races

    The Cargo Bike Race Annual Event is structured as a four day and three night Olympic style event, whereby bikers from all over the country come to face the grueling challenges of the "Disaster Alley" obstacle course.
  • Preparedness Checksheet

    The Preparedness Checksheet is a comprehensive list of must have items and information that should be addressed before disaster strikes. Local school children will take the comprehensive check sheet to their family members, friends, and their community.
  • It's A Disaster! Manual

    IT’S A DISASTER! ...and what are YOU gonna do about it? is a unique customizable disaster preparedness and basic first aid manual for agencies, businesses, volunteer groups, nonprofits and others to help "whole communities" prepare for the unexpected.

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