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Our Goals as a Member of the 100 Resilient Cities Network
It has been said by many, that we cannot predict the next disruption or catastrophe, but that we can control how we respond to disastrous events. The public-private partnership between the Salvation Army and Global Innovations was born from the mutual desire to “teach survivors Resiliency” so that they may be able at the time of catastrophe act in accordance with basic principles of emergency preparedness.

The Salvation Army and Global Innovations working together will implement tools and programs that help prevent and alleviate human suffering with pro-active educational processes that protect life and health. Our goals for the Clark County area include; Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mesquite and all surrounding townships. The iEPN Network increases the capacity to build resilience and that there are multiple and sometimes unexpected pathways to resiliency. Our goals are as follows.
  • Minimize human vulnerability – Educational and interactive processes that teach children and adults the basic needs for food, water, communications, sanitation, shelter and much more.
  • Public-private partnerships – Developing public-private partnerships that will help finance and provide diversification and flexibility for the purpose of completing the iEPN Network that will serve the emergency management needs of the public.
  • Public Education – The iEPN has multiple interactive and robust info-tainment exercises that fulfill a wide variety of emergency preparedness needs that enhances public education.
  • Creating a Collective sense of Identity – The iEPN through “academic based leadership” provides a place whereby government and communities are well integrated internally, physically and socially. The integration processes are illuminated by the interface designs and delivery systems of the iEPN.
  • Social Stability and Security – The iEPN tools are extremely interactive and engaging exercises that present a pathway whereby law enforcement for example can rebuild positive and meaningful relationships in the community. As these relationships rebuild over time we would expect to see increases in crime prevention and a decrease in crimes. Law enforcement becomes part of the academic based leadership.
  • Reducing physical exposure and vulnerability – The iEPN Disaster Manual and interactive programs creates a space to execute protective infrastructures that leverages enforcement of hazard reductions by educating the public and businesses about the do’s and don’ts regarding hazardous materials.
  • Reliable communications and mobility - As part of the iEPN contingency planning is the Visual 911 Communication Network and the Cargo Bike races ensures that cities are well integrated and connected in case of an emergency.
  • Empowering Stakeholders – The iEPN as the educational practitioner insures that everyone has up-to-date information and knowledge to enable people and organizations to take appropriate measures on important emergency preparedness issues. Stakeholders for the Clark County area are citizens, and private-public sectors and others.
  • Revenue Engine - As we enter into the new millennium, the reality for most leading organizations is that their current revenue stream was built on contributions and sponsorships is not enough. The iEPN has the here and now revenue engine that keeps pace with cutting edge advertising opportunities.

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